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Today is a historic day, we are regaining Kherson – address by the President of Ukraine

Published:November 11, 2022

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Strong people of our indomitable, beautiful and united country!

Today is a historic day. We are regaining the south of our country, regaining Kherson. As of now, our defenders are approaching the city, there is still quite a bit left and we are starting to enter. However, special units are already in the city.

The people of Kherson were waiting. They never gave up on Ukraine. Hope for Ukraine is always justified – and Ukraine always regains its own.

I am happy to see how people, despite all the threats, despite the repression and abuse of the occupiers, cherished the Ukrainian flags, believed in Ukraine…

And even when the city is not yet completely cleansed of the enemy’s presence, the people of Kherson themselves are already removing Russian symbols and any traces of the occupiers’ stay in Kherson from the streets and buildings.

It was the same in all other cities liberated by our defenders. It will be the same in those cities that are still waiting for our return. Ukraine will come to all its people. Due to our strength on the battlefield and in diplomacy, we will restore the territorial integrity of our state.

I thank every warrior and every unit of the defense forces who are making this offensive operation in the south possible now. Absolutely everyone – from privates to generals. The Armed Forces, intelligence, Security Service, National Guard – all who were bringing this day closer for the Kherson region. We will name all the heroes soon. And they will be awarded even sooner.

Shortly after our defense forces reach the designated frontiers, stabilization measures will begin in Kherson, as was the case everywhere. We consistently neutralize the threats.

The first is mines. The occupiers left a lot of mines and explosives, in particular on vital objects. We will carry out demining.

It is very important: now, when demining has not even begun, we cannot ensure access of media representatives to Kherson. It is necessary to demine at least basic communications, check the main objects.

We will restore all conditions of normal life – as much as possible.

Our defenders are immediately followed by policemen, sappers, rescuers, energy workers… Medicine, communications, social services are returning… Life is returning.

I sincerely thank everyone who cares about Ukraine!

Glory to everyone who fights for freedom!

Eternal memory to all those whose lives were taken by the occupiers.

Glory to Ukraine!

Read more – https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/sogodni-istorichnij-den-mi-povertayemo-herson-zvernennya-pre-79101